CRAWLEYWOOD Productions LLC provides nationwide media recording services, multi-camera online streaming options, real-time presenter slide captures, full post-production editing, video transcoding/compressing, and digital asset upload delivery for corporate conferences, conventions, live events, seminars, and meetings.


Prior to your event, our graphics department will build custom backdrops, picture-in-picture frames, and relevant titles to match your specific branding. Your organization can choose to include the presenters name, topic title, social media links, or any other relevant information on each of your videos.  We always build multiple custom frames to accommodate both 4:3 and 16:9 presenter slides.  Additional elements such as intro title cards, motion graphics, and sponsor recognition slides can be added as well.


Our goal is to provide a user-friendly onsite experience and a final product which leaves our clients, their event attendees, and all related vendors eager to establish ongoing professional relationships.  All final deliveries receive a color correction pass, audio leveling, title adjustments, and formatting exports for multiple devices and platforms.  Based on our custom workflow and technical expertise, we are confident in providing the highest quality content at the most competitive rates.


If you are interested in more information regarding our pricing packages, please submit a request via the Corporate Services contact form to the right, and a CRAWLEYWOOD representative will respond within 24 hours.  Thanks for your valuable time and consideration!



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