Have you ever wished that you knew more about your grandparents, your great grandparents, or even further back in your ancestry?  Have you ever wondered who they really were as individuals and what they did during their lifetime?  Or perhaps you'd like future generations and family members to understand your purpose.  Our new Docu-Memories service helps people record and share their treasured memories with the people who matter the most.


Through face-to-face interviews, photographic slide shows, home videos and appropriate music, we will create a personal history video that captures the essence of the subject, preserving their voice, mannerisms and memories, their tears and their laughter.  The resulting product will be a stylized, professional-quality documentary-style vignette that tells the story of one unique life and the impact it has made on the world.


We look forward to being a part of preserving your family's unique history with a moving, professional-grade Docu-Memory.  Aside from the professional cameras, lights, and sound gear, our team can also ease your mind by assisting with the following aspects:


  • Preparing and rehearsing questions beforehand in order to help the Docu-Memories interview participant feel comfortable, relaxed and prepared.
  • Gathering beloved family keepsakes, such as photos, videos, music and more, to illustrate the life that the video is celebrating.  (All images will be scanned on-site and returned before the conclusion of the interview.)
  • Special style requests, such as overall theme or feel, custom graphics or other imagery that you feel would be an important addition to the Docu-Memory.


If you are interested in more information about this service, please submit a request via the Docu-Memories contact form below, and a CRAWLEYWOOD representative will respond within 24 hours.



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