Do you need a professional Film Crew to help bring your next project to life, but don’t have the time or expertise to track down and hire the necessary departments on your own?  Many projects fail because they are either under-staffed and overwhelmed, or they waste tons of money by having too many people standing around doing nothing.  Whether it’s a web video, commercial advertisement, documentary, live event, or narrative film, CRAWLEYWOOD Productions LLC specializes in putting together the perfect team and filling the appropriate amount of individual crew positions that can deliver high-quality content on time and under budget.


Our clients prefer to hire us as a "1-Stop-Shop" because we've developed an ergonomic system that can handle practically every aspect of the film making process, and our experienced crew members work well together after becoming quite familiar with each others' strengths and weaknesses.  Production insurance is also available for shooting locations and gear rentals!

(rates vary depending on responsibilities)


  • Screenwriter
  • Script Doctor
  • Script Supervisor
  • Line Producer
  • Unit Production Manager (UPM)
  • Casting Director
  • Director
  • 1st Assistant Director (1st AD)
  • 2nd Assistant Director (2nd AD)
  • 2nd 2nd Assistant Director (2nd 2nd AD)
  • Director of Photography (DP)
  • Camera Operator
  • 1st Assistant Camera (1st AC)
  • 2nd Assistant Camera (2nd AC)
  • Digital Interface Technician (DIT)
  • Steadicam Operator
  • Gaffer
  • Best Boy
  • Key Grip
  • Grip
  • Electric
  • G&E Swing
  • Location Sound Mixer
  • Boom Operator
  • Production Designer
  • Art Department
  • Behind-The-Scenes (BTS)
  • Production Assistant (PA)
  • Hair & Make Up (HMU)
  • Craft Services
  • and MANY MORE!


If you are interested in more information about this service, please submit a request via the Film Crew contact form below, and a CRAWLEYWOOD representative will respond within 24 hours.

(availability may vary depending on project logistics)


  • 3x  Panasonic GH4 MFT 4K Cameras (with extra batteries)
  • 3x  64gb SD Cards (60MB/s)
  • 3x  Lumix 12-35mm f/2.8 MFT Lenses
  • 3x Lumix 35-70mm f/2.8 MFT Lenses
  • 1x  Rokinon 8mm Fisheye f/3.5 MFT Lens
  • 3x  DSLR Shoulder Rigs (with follow-focuses & matte boxes)
  • 3x  7" UHD 4K Monitors (with batteries & chargers)
  • 3x  Heavy-Duty Fluid Head Tripods (up to 72" height)
  • 1x  SteadiPod Camera Stabilizer
  • 1x  Clapper Slate (with dry-erase markers)


  • 1x  Sony a7S Full-Frame 4K Camera (with extra batteries)
  • 1x  64gb SD Card (60MB/s)
  • 1x  Atomos Shogun 4K Ultra-HD Recorder/Monitor
  • 2x  SSDs (240gb & 120gb)
  • 1x  Rokinon 24mm f/1.5 EF Cine DS Lens
  • 1x  Rokinon 35mm f/1.5 EF Cine DS Lens
  • 1x  Rokinon 50mm f/1.5 EF Cine DS Lens
  • 1x  Rokinon 85mm f/1.5 EF Cine DS Lens
  • 1x  DSLR Shoulder Rig (with follow-focus & matte box)
  • 1x  Heavy-Duty Fluid Head Tripod
  • 1x  DJI Ronin M-Kit (with Remote Control & extra battery)
  • 1x  Clapper Slate (with dry-erase markers)


  • 2x  KinoFlo Parabeam 400 (with tungsten/daylight bulbs)
  • 8x  1000W Daylight LED Panels (with tungsten filters)
  • 8x  10ft Air Cushioned Light Stands
  • 2x  8ft Air Cushioned Boom Arm Stands
  • 8x  V-Mount Batteries (for LED lights)
  • 1x  4000W Portable Generator (with wheel kit)
  • 1x  Tripod Dolly (with wheels)
  • 1x  4ft Slider Dolly (with legs & pistol-grip head)
  • 1x  12ft Jib Arm (with stand, weights, & 7" UHD monitor)
  • 8x  Rocky Mountain C-Stands (with gobo heads & arms)
  • 4x  Flex Diffusion Bounce Cards (white, silver, gold)
  • 4x  Seamless Colored Backdrops (green, blue, white, black)


  • 1x  Zoom F8 Multi-Channel Field Recorder (with mixer bag)
  • 1x  Zoom H6 Audio Recorder (with XLR extension modules)
  • 8x  XLR and 3/4in Cables (various lengths)
  • 4x  Rode Shotgun Mics (with boom poles & cables)
  • 2x  Sennheiser G3 Wireless Mic Systems (with cables)
  • 2x  AudioTechnica S10 Wireless Mic Systems (with cables)
  • 4x  Dynamic Handheld Mics (with stands & cables)


  • 1x  Panasonic HD AVCCAM (with 32gb SD card & batteries)
  • 1x  GoPro Black 4K (with various mounts & housing options)
  • 1x  GoPro LCD Touchscreen (with waterproof housing)
  • 1x  Split-Beam Glass Teleprompter (with iPad apps)



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