If you want to be taken seriously as an actor, you need to have professional head shots.  It doesn't matter how talented you may be on stage or on set, first impressions are everything in this industry. We don't make the rules, we just help actors follow them throughout the casting process.  And just because someone owns a fancy DSLR, that doesn't mean they know how to take professional photographs. Amateur head shots can easily get your submission thrown in the trash, or even worse, pinned to the office cork board for everyone to laugh at... Seriously, we've seen it happen.


Luckily for you, we offer the best combination of price and quality! Whether you need a new theatrical head shot, commercial head shot, or both, CRAWLEYWOOD Productions and Sharp Focus Media Academy can help you get noticed for that big casting call. But after that point, it's all up to you to land the role in your audition! Speaking of that, we also offer Self-Taping for digital casting submissions (see menu above).


If you are interested in more information about this service, please submit a request via the Head Shots contact form to the right, and a CRAWLEYWOOD representative will respond within 24 hours



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